Dear Ms Irina Bokova, General Secretary of UNESCO
Dear Ms Livia Saldari, Focal Point for the ASPnet International Coordination

Slovenian UNESCO ASP net has  celebrated its 20 years of activity and has joined the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the worldwide UNESCO net. Youngsters, who grow and thrive uder its patronage, have gathered on the first UNESCO ASP run of youth which was organised by Gimnazija Ptuj and UNESCO Youth Platform and sponsored by the  Slovenian National Commission forUNESCO. We were happy and honoured to host the ambassadors of the run, among which were: the mayor of Ptuj, several athletes, artists, scientists, businessmen  and all others who are devoted to the UNESCO ideals.

We had more than 800 young runners and more than 40 ambassadors who partcipated actively in the run. They were encouraged and cheered by more than 1000 supporters.

Youngsters in our net have contributed their ideas and thoughts, and we are sending some of them in our  message:

The slogan of the run was : LET’S CATCH UP WITH EQUALITY and our goal was to support the culture of peace with a sport event. Youngsters, who understand that the concern for a healthy development is not self evident and final, that every individual in every generation has to look after oneself and others, are able to walk on the paths of peace.  We  would like to state:

that love, health, safety, education and peace are the keys to the door of happy life and this door has to be open widely for everyone;

that we rather put on running shoes than sit into a car;

that we run in order to test our abilities and because while running you listen to yourself, you learn about yourself and your boundaries, and  in the end  you  always win;

that running can solve our problems, that is why it is important to run to one’s abilities.

We would like to let you know that we care about the world which has always yearned for the same goals: health, safety and peace, but we are well aware of the fact that we have to strive for these goals enthusiastically every day.

A little running step for a wiser world, that is the Slovenian UNESCO ASP run. A wiser world of tolerance and openness to differences, justice and equal rights for all the youth of the world.

Yours sincerely,

Participants of 1st UNESCO ASP run of the youth

Ptuj, Slovenia, 15/5/2013